Architecture for Children

Why we teach?

We see a lot of environmental problems to be the result of current politics. We believe our future with be brighter when our children are more equipped with sustainable, collaborative and creative thinking. By teaching children about architecture, sustainable design, urban planning, and efficient use of materials, they will get into the habit of thinking in those terms. We hope to change the world through volunteering and education.

How we teach?

Architecture for Children focuses on geometry, environmental problems, science, history, creative thinking and model buildings. We begin the lesson with something simple and small, like a triangle. From one geometry, we explain the concept of building a bridge (tessellated structure) and how to build a more efficient structure. Using interactive presentations, we teach children the concept of sustainable designs. We build up new lesson on top of the previous lessons. More geometries will be taught until they learn how to assemble a complicated geometry like high-rise towers. They learn to collaborate with their teammates. Through trial and error, children discover the beauty of scientific experiments as they develop their creative and critical thinking.

Affiliated Schools:

Growing Up Green in Brooklyn, New York

Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre, Hong Kong

LaSalle Primary School, Hong Kong

Boy Diocesan School Primary Division, Hong Kong


We are a group of architects and young professionals who loves to make a difference. Architecture for children is a volunteer program sponsored by Avoid Obvious Architect. Feel free to contact us for collaboration opportunity.