Avoid Obvious Architects

AOA creates places to help 500,000 people annually. Our design celebrates sustainability and community with an international team who is passionate and diverse.

At the heart of AOA lies a focus on environmentally conscious and joyful design. With a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in architecture and urban planning, our team has been recognized for delivering award-winning buildings and creating thriving cities. Our approach to design is collaborative, aiming to explore innovative and happier ways of living, working, and engaging with our surroundings. As our name, Avoid Obvious Architects, suggests, we strive to find distinctive solutions that make architecture, landscape, and interior design accessible to all. We work closely with NGOs and government entities, providing sustainable designs on a non-profit basis.

By integrating art, health, context, buildability, fundraising, branding, storytelling, and science, we enhance the value of everyday situations.

Our team deeply cares about people, history, and the environment. The passion and design philosophy of AOA extends beyond the professional realm, as we also volunteer to educate local children. Through our initiative, Architecture for Children, we have taught over 7,000 students about collaborative and sustainable design in the past 15 years. In 2021, Vicky assumed the role of chair for Walk DVRC, a program dedicated to promoting walkability within cities. In 2022, Vicky joined the board of VESSEL to promote sports and arts.

Since 2018, we have partnered with over 30 non-profit organizations on community projects aimed at benefiting people and the environment. By the year 2023, AOA has created places that serve 500,000 people annually.


We have 10 building and design professionals to provide integrated design service for urban planning, architecture, landscape design and interior design. Our one-stop solution includes:

    1. Concept Design
    2. 3d Scanning
    3. Site Assessment and Analysis
    4. Design Development
    5. Construction Document
    6. Lighting Design
    7. Furniture Design
    8. Specifications and Sourcing
    9. Branding
    10. Art
    11. Model Making
    12. Marketing Renderings, Virtual Reality Tours (VR) and Photos
    13. Fund Raising


We have 55 international awards in urban planning, architecture, landscape and interior design with projects in 36 cities and 22 countries.

2023 1st Designer in the World of Resilient Design Category by WA’C

2022 2nd Place of Skyrise Design Competition – Skyrigs

2021 HKGBC Advancing Net Zero Design Competition – Next Tower
2021 AIA Hong Kong Award in Sustainability- K-Farm
2021 AIA Hong Kong Honor Award in Urban Design – K-Farm

2021 A’ Design Award – Iron Award – P. C. Lee OneSky Global Centre
2021 A’ Design Award – Bronze Award – Yan Garden Revitalization
2021 A’ Design Award – Bronze Award – Street Basket with Walk DVRC
2020 A’ Design Award – Gold Award – Sorec Horse Park in Morocco 
2020 A’ Design Award – Bronze Award – Hangang River Pedestrian Network 
2020 Hangang River Pedestrian Network – 5th place
2020 Architizer One Rendering Challenge Finalist – Circle of Life
2019 London Creative Award – WeTown
2019 2nd Designer in the World of the Landscape, Planning and Garden Design Category by WA’C
2018 A’ Designer of The Day
2018 Architecture Masterprize – Winner in Urban Planning
2018 Architizer A+ Award Finalist – Hospitality – Bars and Nightclubs
2018 TimeOut Magazine Best Beer Bar – The Artist House
2018 FAIA Component Grant Winner – with Andrew King and AIA Hong Kong
2018 A’ Design Award – Gold Award- WeTown – Urban Design Category
2018 A’ Design Award – Silver Award- The Artist House – Interior Design Category
2018 A’ Design Award – Silver Award- The Cloud – Interior Design Category
2018 A’ Design Award – Bronze Award- The Lighthouse – Architecture Category
2018 Perspective 40 under 40 – Interior Design – Emily Manasc
2018 London Creative Competition – Circle of Life – Shortlisted
2017 15th Designer in the World of the Landscape, Planning and Garden Design Category by WA’C
2017 Jury for Sub+Foam Upcycle Design Competition
2017 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders
2017 AIA Hong Kong Community Citation Award – Architecture for Children
2017 American Architecture Prize – Winner of Commercial Interior
2017 Perspective – 40 under 40 – Architecture
2017 Biomimicry Competition by Eleven Magazine – Circle of Life – Honorable Mention
2017 A’ Design Award 2017 – Bronze Award – Horsetopia
2017 A’ Design Award 2017 – Volunteering Award – Architecture for Children
2017 Shop! Design Award 2017 – Gold Award – Pop-up Store
2017 Shop! Design Award 2017 – Sustainability Award – The Artist Lab
2017 AIA Emerging Professionals – Exhibitor
2017 Lasalle Children Game Design Competition – Winner
2017 New Cities Summit in Songdo, South Korea – Invited Speaker
2017 A’ Desgin Award – Jury
2017 PureHouse Lab – Coliving Netowrk – Founding Member
2016 London Creative Competition – Winner of the Architectural Category
2016 Inspireli Awards – Semi Finalist
2016 Rethinking the Future Sustainability Award – Urban Design Winner
2016 Design:Retail – 40 under 40
2016 Platinum Award for the Replacement of Bronx River Parkway Bridges at Crane Road
2015 ASLA Merit Awards – 14th Street Viaduct
2015 London Creative Competition – Winner
2015 Lasalle Children Game Design Competition – Winner
2012 Outstanding Project Award – Court Square 2
2010 Miami Seaplane Terminal Competition – 2nd Place
2010 Winner of Design+Technical Award – Stantec
2008 Gillette Landmark Design – 3rd place
2008 Wacom’s Vision of the Future – 1st place
2008 Best of Newspaper Design Cover – 1st place
2006 Jeongok Pre-history Museum with Easton+Combs – 3rd place
2005 Unfinished Works AIDS illustration Contest – 2nd place



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