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Model Making for non-profit projects

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It is not easy for a nonprofit client to come up with the money to pay for model making. Digital display and VR tour often become the only solution when there is no money to pay for the time and materials of physical modeling. However, we believe model making is the only way to convince ourselves and people that we have come up with the appropriate solutions. Below is the step we took to ensure we can have the right model made on time and on budgets

  1. make sure we are building at the appropriate scale. Non-profit clients don’t even have storage to keep a model. Making a smaller model is not the easiest thing, but we need to make sure they don’t end up in landfill by working with the right storage solution.
  2. Make sure we are building with trash materials or recyclable materials. People threw away lots of materials daily. We collected what we can and use them in our model making.
  3. Make sure we use the current technology to save time. 3d printing makes the topographical model easy and waste-less.
  4. Make sure the model is interactive. NGOs tend to be people who are passionate with their audience and love to engage their audiences with the design process. Making a model that is easy to build for people with no model making skill is essential for presentation and interaction.
  5. Make sure we are unique in our presentation method. Many people use all kinds of rendition to make the model very monochromatic or full of materials. We don’t need to get caught up with either solution. Work with our clients to understand the most reliable technique and use that as our method to produce models.
  6. Have wild fun with them and found a way to exhibit them.