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Architects on Fundraising

It is not the most natural thing for architects to come up with ideas on fundraising. For our urban farm in Kennedy Town, we were involved since the competition phase in 2018. We were lucky to win the competition but stuck with fund raising to build the farm. We presented the concept in Russia and India and gained a lot of momentum. Back home in Hong Kong, we had to move in parallel between design and fund raising.

We started off the fund raising idea with a story board. Unlike architecture, we began with a mood setting to explain why we needed the farm without being too direct. We created contrast between an artificial life and an organic life to justify the urban farm in the city.

We wanted people to imagine farming as part of an urban living to provide a sustainable food source and lifestyle that are calm and rejuvenating.

Our video had some success and collectively https://www.k-farm.org.hk/ won a HKD 47 million in donation to make an impact to Hong Kong. We hope this will provide a case study for other architects to learn how to create their non-profit projects.