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Bottom Up Community Planning in Kowloon

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In 2023, we worked with DAB Kowloon City and 3000 survey responses and 10 workshops to come up with 20 community improvements including park extensions, building upgrades, traffic policy, waterfront works and new community buildings. Listening to the community has been a fruitful process to understand different physical, emotional, cultural and safety concerns. As planners and architects, we believe Hong Kong still have rooms to grow to make all neighborhoods age-friendly, barrier-free, and sustainable.

  1. Adapt existing historic buildings better by improving the open spaces and pedestrian network around them.
  2. Turn public buildings as part of the pedestrian network to connect higher grounds to lower subway stations.
  3. Make waterfront more accessible to the community with special needs and senior citizens.
  4. Redevelop older buildings with immediate danger and make public spaces a crucial piece of the new development.
  5. Plan higher mix-use buildings with public amenities
  6. Relocate utlities that limit the expansion of the community, including large town gas station. The remaining can become a part to integrate the inner city.

Team: Sam Chan, Evan Li, Vicky Chan