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Learning From Morocco

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We offer comprehensive architectural and planning solutions for prominent cities in Morocco, including Rabat, Casablanca, El Jadida, Rachidia, Taroudant, and Larache. Partnering with IXI Architecture and Design and STILL Architecture, we become a global design team specific to the Moroccan context. Our international insights and appreciation for the local culture has led us to discover several fascinating aspects.

  1. In contrast to other Arabic countries, Morocco exhibits a more contemporary and Westernized style. The country’s affinity for traditional architecture is characterized by subtle elegance, rather than ornate patterns.
  2. Moroccans hold a strong passion for horse racing and football, and their investments in schools and sports venues dedicated to these activities surpass those of many other nations. It is truly remarkable that we have had the opportunity to work on projects in Morocco during their national team’s pursuit of a spot in the FIFA World Cup Final.
  3. Given the seismic activity in the region, earthquake-resistant construction techniques are crucial considerations. Consequently, the buildings we engage with often adhere to low-rise designs to mitigate the impact of potential earthquakes.
  4. Morocco experiences significant variations in weather and humidity between its northern and southern regions. Choosing the appropriate cooling systems for buildings becomes paramount, with an emphasis on passive cooling methods involving vegetation and water. Additionally, selecting plant species that thrive in the local climate, excluding cacti due to safety concerns for children, is of utmost importance.
  5. Moroccan cities are imbued with rich local culture and history, necessitating collaborations with knowledgeable local teams to navigate the do’s and don’ts. Determining the suitable types of materials can only be achieved with input from individuals deeply familiar with Morocco’s architectural traditions. While absorbing all the local knowledge might be a daunting task amid countless architectural considerations, we strive to strike the right balance.

We are excited to showcase a selection of our projects, encompassing horse parks, schools, community centers, and government buildings.

Rabat Office for Government:

One notable project revolves around the creation of a highly secure government building for a federal agency. By skillfully integrating screens and distinct forms, we have crafted a structure that harmonizes with the upscale neighborhood of Rabat, while providing the agency with an environment conducive to wellness and privacy. The arrangement of two intersecting rectangular volumes generates communal spaces at their meeting points, resulting in a dramatic yet contextually appropriate design.

El Jadida Horsepark

The horse park facility draws inspiration from the local castle and surrounding mountains. Its simple stone volume provides thermal mass, regulating interior temperatures, while the recognizable form adds a human touch. Departing from conventional sports facilities, the design adopts a contemporary approach reminiscent of a castle, which ultimately earned us an award in a competition.

Rachidia School Campus

Embracing contextual forms, we employed rammed earth to create an inviting entrance for a university campus. Our study of the campus emphasizes the importance of “4th spaces,” exploring how post-COVID-era learning can occur both online and on-campus. We strive to design spaces that can adapt and expand to accommodate future needs. The result is an interesting and collaborative campus that combines flexibility, technological integration, and sustainable design principles.

Taroudant Football Academy

The football academy, with its pixelated pattern and innovative reinterpretation of traditional forms, seeks to uplift students socially and professionally through sports. The building reflects this noble mission, providing students with exciting spaces to explore during their stay in this relatively remote location. A self-sustaining campus approach ensures students have access to comprehensive wellness amenities while focusing on their sports-related studies.

Casablanca Community Sport Center

In the modern city of Casablanca, we embarked on a departure from our traditional contextual materials. Our goal was to create a destination for multi-generational fitness. Employing an eye-catching metal screen, we not only enhanced the building’s facade but also utilized it to delineate distinct spatial experiences between indoor and outdoor areas. With thoughtful lighting design, we aimed to provide the community with a versatile sports center that can cater to a range of activities, from basketball and skateboarding to more serene pursuits such as yoga, dance, and indoor gym workouts. Both high-energy and low-impact sports were thoughtfully accommodated in our design.

Larache Community Hall

The primary purpose of the venue is to serve as a wedding hall. Our approach harmoniously blends our comprehensive knowledge of local wedding customs with a keen awareness of contemporary hospitality demands. We have meticulously crafted a captivating environment that seamlessly integrates lush greenery, natural wood elements, and elegant stone accents. Our overarching vision is to establish this transparent complex as an idyllic retreat for young families seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. By incorporating symbolic wooden trellises, we have ingeniously unified the various edifices within the complex, enabling a seamless and cohesive experience for our guests. This design is not only aesthetically captivating and highly shareable on platforms like Instagram but also embodies sustainability at its core.

Together with STILL and IXI Architecture, we are ready to deploy more institutional knowledge in Morocco.