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Color Nude and Its Effect

Color nude and its effect:

We are fascinated by design fully painted in pink and how it can calm people. We did the opposite experiment. What if color nude can excite people? For this pop-up design for AS29, a jewelry shop, we decided to use the diner as a theme and painted the shop in color nude. We wanted to see how the idea of food in color nude can change the perception of jewelry, which is still a luxury item for the general public. From package design to furniture design to logo design, we let the shop share the same nude color. We went as far as painting a sushi conveyor belt to see how people react to nude color in movement. The result is bald, consistent and friendly. Many people got attracted by the color, unexpected theme and movement. The product isalso  more focus because of the consistent backdrop. The work itself become something more than a retail project Рit is ART.