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Fractal Villa

Residential, Urban Planning, Guangdong, China


Country living is a dream for most urban dwellers. “Organic Living” creates an intimate connection between people and nature. Resident will use this experience to relax and achieve better awareness to the surrounding. Our architecture will not only define this sensual quality, but it will be the new standard of zero-carbon living. From master planning to furniture details, we want to integrate people with nature. The form is inspired by the sustainable technology we have chosen. It is a perfect combination of form and functions.


One of the most exciting qualities of living in a farm is to be able to eat locally grown food. Organic Living has communal area that residents can share their food and recipe. Event likes chief teaching about organic food, spa with natural ingredient, playground that incorporate natural scene will further enhance the sense of community. All three schemes we propose integrate the 5 elements of life into the design. Our aim is to provide fun and variety while enhancing our relationship to nature.


There are three types of villa in Organic Living: Flow, Fractal and Ink Stroke